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posted 2 years ago
Introducing Endless, the NFT project inspired by Roman Opałka's famous number paintings! If you're a fan of Opałka's unique artistic vision and exploration of the concept of infinity, you won't want to miss these NFTs. By minting your own, you can join in on this philosophical journey and add a truly one-of-a-kind piece to your collection. You may be wondering, what makes these NFTs so special? Well, for starters, Opałka's paintings are a true feat of artistic endurance. Each work consists of a never-ending series of numbers, with the artist adding a new digits every single day for the rest of his life (talk about commitment!). By minting your own NFT, you can join in on this artistic exploration and add a thought-provoking piece to your collection. Plus, these NFTs are totally FREE! So why not add a little fun and intellectual stimulation to your art collection? Go ahead and mint your own Roman Opałka's-inspired NFT today and let the numbers do the talking! check out "Endless" here ---> https://www.plottables.io/project/14
Address: 0x...32Fb
Avoid scams and frauds!! Beware of anyone asking to approve a transaction, especially with “trades”. Proceed at your own risk.