Dance and Movement Lessons - 400.00 Ⓡ
posted 2 years ago
Ballet, Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Belly Dance, Wedding Dance, Corporate Dance – Dance and Movement Lessons A little bit about my professional and dance background: I am an Assistant Office IT Controller at Global International. I hold a BTEC in Technology at the Open University. As I moved to Slough, I wanted to make dancing more than just a hobby that I was passionate about but also something I can add to my career as a IT controller. Since then, I started training professionally. Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Jazz, Contact Improvisation as well as Yoga have become part of my daily routine as I do them intensively and on a daily basis. Doing intensive ballet and contemporary training just makes me realize how much more there is to learn and discover. It is a beautiful feeling to realize that we actually do not know as much as we think we do, and the more we learn and discover about our bodies, the more we tap into the child within us, but this time it’s not a child randomly growing up but one who consciously and with awareness chooses HOW they actually want to grow. I believe anyone, really anyone can dance, no matter what physical ability they possess. I am here to share my secret of happiness, discipline and motivation with anyone who would like to add a positive and healthy activity to their daily routine. I provide individual, couple or group lessons of dance. I am also interested in providing dance lessons and workshops within companies and corporations as a way to enhance employee performance. I believe dance, as any other form of art, has the ability to improve our self-confidence. It enhances our emotional and physical well-being and therefore productivity. I am also passionate about teaching senior citizens, as dance maintains youth at heart. In Slough, I discovered Samba de Gafiera and Brazilian Zouk, which I call the love of my life. I love how wide and versatile Zouk can be with all its forms from Lambda Zouk to Hip Hop and RnB Zouk, as well as contemporary Zouk. I now teach Zouk in Slough in one of the most famous Zouk venues in the UK. I also provide salsa lessons. In my workshops, I apply five elements that I believe make a dance a perfect story. Being aware of those five elements would make our dance more than just a dance but rather an experience that brings us in touch (or at least as close as possible) with our own selves as well as the beautiful moment we are in. Those elements are used in any kind of dance, whether it’s Salsa, Bachata, Tango and Kizomba. The workshops and lessons I provide are technical and I break every movement down with a lot of attention to detail and of course with a lot of fun and a friendly approach. The five elements are: 1- Self-awareness (includes breathing exercises/shifting awareness into muscles/isolation exercises). 2- Space awareness (includes activities that break vertical dancing by using different angles and multiple dimensions). 3- Floor awareness (includes floor use exercises that enhance groundedness and balance). 4- Partner awareness (after all you’re not dancing alone! You will be learning how to touch, how to listen and when to respond to a lead). 5- Music awareness (includes exercises that help you interpret music with your body). We discuss and practice each element with a lot of details no matter what dance you choose to learn. You will leave with information and exercises that you can use on your own and on a daily basis. Simply a new way of shaping the way you feel about your dance and how you would visualize it. And what you visualize can actually become a reality! Price per hour: Ⓡ400 per person Look forward to it! Please drop me a message if you have any questions.
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